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Saturday, May 27, 2006

One week left.....

HAPPY HOUR this Thursday, June 1 beginning around 6ish at The Magician, 188 Rivington Street (b/n Essex and Norfolk streets). Click here for the citysearch map.
Please stop by to have a few drinks, say goodbye, and even drop off that donation check you've been meaning to send in :)
I would love to see you all!!!

Time goes by fast and I leave in a week with only 4 days left of work. I feel ready aside from not having adequate clothing yet for Indian weather/culture. Also, by far my biggest worry is the peanut factor, as I hear cooking with peanut oil is quite common across India. If you know anything about me your know peanuts (all nuts for that matter) are my nemesis. I am prepared with several allergy medications but am still concerned nonetheless. As a result, I learned my first Hindi phrase:
mein mungfali khake beemaar pad jaati hun (I fall sick after eating peanuts), and also:
mungfali nahi (no peanuts)!

I also received word of the families I'm staying with. In Dungarpur where my intenrship is, I'll be living with the Vyas family. They are the founders of PEDO, the organzation I am working for. They have a daughter in her 20's who will be there. She will be my translator and coincidentally enough she just finished her MBA. When I go back to Udaipur on the weekends, I'll be living with a young couple and their newborn baby. Their in-laws also live in a seperate part of the house. It's going to be a great experience and I'm glad I'll get total immersion into the lifestyle.

That's all for now, please come back and visit to read about my time in India all summer long!


At 7:33 AM, Blogger MBA Cutie said...

I think you only refile if you have new information to report.

Peanut oil? really? interesting... My parents are from India and never once has peanut oil been present in our house... but then again, we're from south India... the cooking style is different in the north. Have fun!


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