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Monday, June 05, 2006

It is a small small world

So I'm walking through a park called Raj Ghat and about to enter the area where Gandhi wasa creamated when I look over and who do I see but a future Michigan Classmate! My friend Ojas, who is famous for tearing up the dancefloor in his "I heart NY" t-shirt at Rick's in Ann Arbor, happened to be in Delhi for the day with family! Although he was flying out tonight, it was so great to see a friendly face and chat for a little while.
Just a recount of my trip so far- I spent most of yesterday sleeping and then met another one of the interns for some shopping/haggling at the local market. Today I toured Old Delhi, tomorrow I will tour New Delhi and then saturday I head to Agra before catching the overnight train to my internship in Udaipur. Delhi has been an interesting experience. The driving is absolutely crazy but the people are very friendly. As a female solo traveler I am heckled everywhere all the time, so going out past nightfall is not an option. Even on the tour today, kids would beg to take pictures with me, like I was a celebrity! It's a good thing they didn't know my name- Jennifer Anderson, often confused in foreign countries with Jennifer Aniston.
I've definitely had my fill of the busy city life and am ready to move on to beautiful Rajasthan. Below are some pictures of the goodbye happy hour. Apologies for not posting them sooner, the pre-trip preparations got a bit hectic.

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