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Monday, July 10, 2006

Top ten observations about India

This is meant to be a brief entry regarding some interesting observations I've had since arriving in India over a month ago. Some are humorous, some are obvious. Enjoy

10. Begin bargaining by taking the shopkeepers price and dividing by 5

9. When walking in the streets you must always pay attention or you will most def. step in some sort of dung

8. Indian people are obsessed with the movie Titanic and that Bryan Adams song from the Robin Hood movie.

7. Indian celebrities are shameless promoters and will appear in whatever advertisement they are paid for- I saw one the other day for hemroid cream

6. Burping in public is totally acceptable and picking one's nose seems to be as well.

5. People have servants clean their houses every day so they are spotless, but then take their trash and dump it right where their property stops and public property begins.

4. Driving in India is the scariest, most nerve-wracking experience. People drive on the narrowest roads and head-on collisions "almost" happen evcery 5 minutes. I am yet to see an accident though.

3. Honking the horn is used to dodge animals, small children, rickshaws, people, cow dong, etc. It is also used as a signal light and rarely used in the traditional American ways

2. Arguing with a rickshaw driver over the equivalent of 6 cents is totally worth it as the satisfaction you feel for winning is priceless.

1. People in India are the friendliest most welcoming people I have ever encountered.


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Sanju said...

Your observations about India are not very good to read. I hope when you go back to USA your way of thinking will be changed. Carry on traveling and enjoy the tour….

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Anuj said...

They are true :) Some of them do make life very interesting though :)


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